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Highest Mountains of the world - Himalayas Tibet

stok glacier

Tempera on canvas. 2001. 20 х 35 cm

The Stok glacier is located in the kingdom of Ladakh, Small Tibet. The name of the glacier means "tiger" and is connected with name of holy lama Stok Tsang-ras-chen, the tutor of the one of Ladakh kings. This lama is known ot only as a collector and keeper of rarest bibliothec of tibet manuscripts, but also thanks to many legends which people are telling about him. For example, they say that he saw and knew personally all 84 saints of buddhism.
Sometimes lama used to disappear all of a sudden, and then came back and told stories about incredible countries and people. After one of such absences he wrote a book "Journey to Shambhala".



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