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Welcome to my Website!

I am a visual artist, creator of the art styles and techniques. Core idea of my art is that everything earthly and human is interconnected both with each other and with the energy processes taking place in the Universe.
While studying the ethnography, mythology and cosmogony of the peoples of the world, and admiring their diversity, I am at the same time looking for something unifying that comes from our common roots. I often takes subjects for mmy paintings from ancient legends, because I believe that it is in the most ancient cultures one can find grains of truth and connecting links. All eternal and unchangeable values are reflected in mythology and folklore.
I am constantly experimenting with painting and graphic techniques. At first I used ink, then started painting with a unique paint composition, independently developed on the basis of the old Russian icon-painting recipe for egg tempera with the addition of essential oils. In 2010, I began to add fluorescent pigments to the composition, which change color and glow in ultraviolet light. This allows to illustrate the other, energetic side of life, with an endless variety of colors. In 2018, I developed another new drawing technique, this time mixed - tempera painting combined with acrylic outline graphics, and with the addition of mica and vermiculite, and called it three-dimensional graphics. The pictures are voluminous, look different depending on the angle of view and lighting.
On this site, you could see my graphics, tempera paintings, tempera fluorescent paintings, and most recent tempera paintings with acrylic graphics.
Just browse paintings by series or if you wish run through the storage of paintings.
You could also browse graphics by series or run through the storage of graphics.
Every artwork is associated with my personal commentary on the subject and sometime more. All of them are combined in thematic galleries.

Read information about me including bio, artist statement and awards information on the page About artist.
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Fluorescent paintings of 'New World' series are exhibited in the Lola Lonli's Art Lounge in Moscow. This is full immersion into the energy world atmosphere!


The new series of my artworks 'There Heaven walks the Earth' has been added to the website.

High quality giclee prints (open edition and limited edition) of my paintings and drawings are available now in London galleries. Contact me directly to find out details and place an order.

Watch videos from my exhibitions, workshops and other events at my Youtube channel.



I would appreciate any feedback from your side, either by e-mail or at my Facebook page. Please find addresses on Contact page.


Welcome to my site.

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