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Artist statement

From the early childhood I felt that all things and nature have inner content. I watched and tried to understand, what is it like? Feeling that everything around me is alive and filled with mysterious energy, I was aware that this energy is fairly distributed everywhere. And I knew how this energy looks like and saw it in dreams and just with my eyes closed. So I tried to express it in my drawings.
I learned to draw on my own, watching the nature and inspired by paintings of beloved artists. I drew with ink and water-color, and made couple of paintings with oil. Then for the first time I tried to express energy part of the world in drawing and painting by means of patterns. Then I was taught to paint with egg tempera. Later I have improved the old recipe of paint to make colors more persistent and vivid. I have added essential oils, and recently fluorescent pigments. Now, I am painting with this material as it let me express my feelings in the most precise way.
I take subjects for my paintings from ancient legends, real life and my dreams. Music has always been of great importance for me; it seems that I have not worked out a single painting without listening to the music. It helps me to achieve creative meditation; so I choose the music according to subject and energetic content of the particular painting. Sometime it is possible to achieve such deep concentration that without noticing the work itself I just feel how the energy contained in environment around me is transferred to canvas through myself.
Despite permanent changes in external life, I am steadily being inspired by same things - love to the nature, world and people, respect to the heritage, spiritual achievements of multinational human community. Nationalism of any form, as any discrimination per skin color, age, gender or caste always deeply offend me.

Awards and Recognition

Included in the catalogue "Russian cosmists of XX-XXI centuries" published by International Centre of Roerichs.

Awarded Lifetime Membership of Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

Received Certificate of Honor at 9th Art Contest by Artavita for the painting 'Billie sings. Billie loves. Billie is happy'.

Awarded 'Best of Show' for the painting 'Free' at Dreams Art Competition sponsored by Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery in March 2014.

Nominee of Artavita 10 contest with painting 'Arabesque Flame'.

Special Recognition for the painting 'Billie sings. Billie loves. Billie is happy' at Figurative Art Exhibition of Light Space & Time Online Gallery, May 2014.

Finalist of the Em*bodied Art online competition by ArtScene Today with painting 'Arabesque Flame'.

Winner of the Traditions juried exhibition by Linus Art Galleries with graphics 'Secret of a Rhythm'.

Graphics 'Roots of life in the beginnings' and 'Temptation with fruit' selected for grand opening exhibition of Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.

Painting 'Someone's Footprint on the Universe's Face' selected for juried exhibition 'Pure Abstraction' of Gallery 25N.

Special Recognition for the painting 'Different Spaces. Intro' at 'Abstracts' Art Exhibition of Light Space & Time Online Gallery.

4th place in 'Abstract' competition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online with the painting 'Someone's Footprint on the Universe's Face'.

Painting 'Master of Creative Forces' is featured at 1st VirArtgallery Prize 2015.

Painting 'Armageddon. Thinking Movement' selected as runner-up of the second annual Portrait of a Professional Artist call by Professional Artist magazine.

Painting 'Different Spaces. Indigo' has been selected by the Fusion Art gallery for the International online juried art exhibition Colorful Abstractions.

Painting 'Gates of Sun are open' has been awarded with 2nd place diploma in nomination 'Ethnography and contemporary' at International festival-competition "EthnoArtFest 2016".

Painting 'Master of creative forces' won 1st place in nomination 'Professional' at International art exhibition-contest 'Lighting the stars' of Worldwide art-project 'The place where the light is'.

Critical Acclaim

Agora Gallery

A self-taught artist from an early age, Lola carries an appreciation for the mysterious origins of creation and living energies of nature into her present works, bringing a mythic symbolism and deeply philosophic meaning to her art. Through her globally inspired works one discovers the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the teachings of peoples long lost to history as well as the permanence of the values of our shared heritage, to be found in the roots of humanity.

ARTisSpectrum Magazine

Lola Lonli mixes global iconography, mysticism, and real-life cultural figures to create intricate images that layer pattern with surreal representation.

Manhattan Arts International

Positive messages, rhythmic, swirling patterns, intense colors, and bold design characterize her works of art. She combines unique and skillful painting, drawing and mixed media techniques with egg tempera and florescent pigment.

Professional Artist magazine

Her inspirational art works come to fruition when she is in deep concentration. Her art seems to automatically flow through her onto the canvas.

The International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT)

Her paintings reflect the myths and legends of Africa, Egypt and India. They are pregnant with profound philosophical meaning and complex symbolism and reveal the artist’s deeply personal sentiment and perception. ... Her works are executed in a highly individual exquisite style based on the layer egg tempera technique with the use of mineral pigments and ether oils. Phosphorescent pigments make her paintings particularly mysterious and beautiful.

The International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT)

...It is noteworthy that the master classes she regularly conducts in the International Centre of the Roerichs, Moscow, enjoy great popularity. Lola Lonli teaches adults and children to use tempera and skillfully develops their imagination and individual expression. Her master class on the “Holy Himalayan Rivers” in the Himalayan Roerich Estate resulted in a wide range of beautiful works by the children and youth that participated in the competition. She confirmed that Indian and Tibetan children were successful in conveying the most important thing: the beauty of nature, the might of the Himalayas and the sanctifying purity of their rivers, and also in revealing the holistic nature and the underlying unity of creation, its interconnectedness and infinity.

NTD Television


Up to date I have had close to 50 solo exhibitions, and participated in about 50 group exhibitions.

Here are some selected:

1989 - “Destiny of Roads”, Riga, Latvia, my first group exhibition

1993 - “Invitation to Journey”, Moscow, Russia, with group of artists named “Union of African Persons”

1999 - first solo exhibition “Roots of Life are growing into Heaven”, “Yakimanka” gallery, Moscow, Russia

2000 - solo exhibition “Living Legends of Eternity”, Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia.

2006 - solo exhibition "Out of the Heart of the Legends", Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia

2010 - group exhibition and fest “Cosmic mystery”, Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia

2012 - group exhibition "Symphony of Color", Agora gallery, New York City, US

2013 - group exhibition "Parallax Art Fair", Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK.

2013 - solo exhibition "Multicolored Sparks of Universe", Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia

2013 - group exhibition "Art Cocktail", Belfry, Brugge, Belgium.

2013 - large-scale retrospective exhibition "Russian Cosmists of XX-XXI centuries", Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia.

2014 - three group exhibitions "Parallax Art Fair", Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK.

2014 - curated the group exhibition 'Unity' of contemporary Russian Cosmist artists in Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia

2014 - group exhibition "Plurality", Camden Image Gallery, London, UK.

2015 - group exhibition "Blend", Camden Image Gallery, London, UK.

2015 - group exhibition "Duality", Camden Image Gallery, London, UK.

2015 - group exhibition "Unity in Variety III", Gabriel Fine Art, London, UK.

2015 - Amsterdam International Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015 - group exhibition "Timelessness", Gabriel Fine Art, London, UK.

2016 - solo exhibition "Flyr med Musikken", Galleri Fjoset, Oslo, Norway.

2016 - group exhibition "EthnoArtFest", Rossotrudnichestvo, London, UK.

2016 - group exhibition "Kunst elva rundt", Drammen, Norway.

2016 - solo exhibition "From ancient legends to the New World", International Roerich Memorial Trust, Naggar, India.

2016 - group exhibition "Spectrum Miami", US.

2017 - solo exhibition "New World", Museum of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, Russia

2017 - International art exhibition-contest 'Lighting the stars' of Worldwide art-project 'The place where the light is', Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

2017 - group exhibition "Russian Art Stream", Figueres, Spain.


Born on July 8, 1973, in Yelets town of Lipetsk Oblast, Russia. Spent childhood in the village in Zagorsky District of Moscow Region, Russia.
Started to draw at the age of two. Being four years old during visit to Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra, I understood that wanted to be an artist. By the age of 15, without assistance mastered techniques of Indian ink drawing and oil painting.
In 1988, graduated from 8th class of secondary school #2 in Novo-Sinkovo village in Dmitrovsky District, Moscow Oblast. Entered college of arts named after year 1905 in Moscow. Left the college after first grade. Self-studied anthropology, ethnography, mythology of various nations, diverse techniques of drawing and painting.

In 1989, at the first time took part in the exhibition, that was the “Destiny of Roads” in Riga.
Since 1993, I have been developing and mastering my own technique of painting with the paints prepared by myself, consisting of egg tempera with natural mineral pigments and essential oils. Also continue drawing with Indian ink.
From the year 1993, participated in joint exhibitions with group of artists named “Union of African Persons”. First of those exhibitions, called “Invitation to Journey”, was held in Moscow in 1993.

In 1996, joined Russian union of artists and International federation of artists, Moscow branch, drawing department.

In 1999, first solo exhibition “Roots of Life are growing into Heaven” was held in “Yakimanka” gallery in Moscow. Also in 1999, began the cooperation with Moscow International Centre and its director, L.V.Shaposhnikova. In 2000, first solo exhibition was held in the Museum named by Nicholas Roerich, the name of it was “Living Legends of Eternity”.

Same year started to cooperate with Ural branch of International League for Culture Protection and its vice-president V.P.Anufriev. From 2000 till 2006, with support of League, 12 solo exhibitions took place in cities and towns of Ural region, starting from Yekaterinburg.

In 1999, moved to Mykolaiv, Ukraine. In 2000, joined artist’s community in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, named “Club of women artists”, and had twelve exhibitions with the Club.

In 2001, based on my own experience of self-studying and methodic of humane pedagogic by Sh. A. Amonashvili, created the methodic of artist education which could be used for person of any age and level. Established the artist school “Treasure of the World” in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Taught 60 persons in this school since then. There were 11 exhibitions of students and joint exhibitions held in cities of Mykolayiv, Kherson, Ochakov. Some of artworks were sold and those money used to buy artist goods (paints etc.) for orphan school in Mykolaiv. The artworks of students took part in several contests. They have been awarded at three consecutive biennales of The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum. At the contest “Peace to the Earth – Flag of Peace in the Hands of Children”, held in 2006 by the International Centre of Roerichs, all sent artworks have been awarded with diploma and two of them have been printed in “Culture and Time” magazine.

In 2001, joined the society named after N.K.Roerich “Light in the Way” in Mykolaiv. Since 2002 is the member of the board of this society. From 2000 to 2006, had 10 exhibitions in cities and towns of Ukraine, some of them with support of this society.

In 2003, took part in exhibition “Unearthly Worlds of Earthly Artists” in Moscow Museum named after Nicholas Roerich.

In 2006, the second personal exhibition in the Moscow Museum named by Nicholas Roerich was held, which then visited 9 cities of Ukraine, including Dniepropetrovsk, Khmelnytskiy, Simferopol.

Since 2007, collaborated with Mykolaiv poet’s society “Ninth Sphinx” and styled its literary anthology of the same name. There were many poetic and musical performances at my exhibitions, including those in Moscow, Mykolaiv and Dniepropetrovsk.

In 2009, returned to Moscow.

In 2010, I was one of the organizers and participants of the fest “Cosmic mystery” in Moscow Museum named after Nicholas Roerich.

In 2010, held several art-music performances with slide show of my artworks in Moscow clubs together with bands “Rada and blackthorn”, “Afrikanda”, and “Afru”.

From 2010 to 2012, participated in the exhibitions held by Department of Culture, Western district, Moscow and art community “Wind of wanderings”. Also took part in exhibition “High water” and was awarded with diploma for best painting.

In 2011, started to use fluorescent pigments (shining in Black light) to better depict the energetic picture of the world.

In 2011, entered the Artists Trade Union of Russia, Moscow branch.

In October, 2011, took part in exhibition “At the Shores of Different Worlds” in Moscow Museum named by Nicholas Roerich.

Since 2011 till 2013, I was represented in US by Agora gallery, New York City. In 2012, participated in the exhibition "Symphony of Color" there.

In February 2013, participated in the exhibition of "Parallax Art Fair", London.

From June to August 2013, my third solo exhibition "Multicolored Sparks of Universe" has been held in Moscow Museum named by Nicholas Roerich.

From October to December 2013, was participating in large-scale retrospective exhibition "Russian Cosmists of XX-XXI centuries".

Took part in the international project "Art Cocktail" held in Brugge, Belgium, in November 2013.

In November 2013, my solo exhibition "Space of Earthly Legends" commenced to travel throughout cities and towns of Siberia.

In February, July and October 2014, took part in "Parallax Art Fair", London.

In September 2014, organized the group exhibition 'Unity' of contemporary Russian Cosmist artists in Moscow Museum named by Nicholas Roerich.

From September 2014, basing on my own methodic, conduct master classes in Museum of Nicholas Roerich in Moscow. From October 2015, run classes at art-studio 'Treasure of the World'

In November 2014, January and March 2015, participated in group exhibitions at Camden Image Gallery, and in March an December of 2105 in group exhibitions at Gabriel Fine Art gallery, all London, UK.

From 2013, my art is represented in Norway by Gudim Handel. In February 2016, they organized my solo exhibition 'Flyr med Musikken' at Galleri Fjoset, Oslo, Norway.

In April 2017, my fourth solo exhibition New World" commenced in Moscow Museum named by Nicholas Roerich.

Currently I live in Moscow.


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