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Authors' Pages of the 9th Sphinx


Paper, ink, 2006, 13 х 15 cm

Hiawatha is a hero of number of Iroquois legends, he was the son of the Western wind and Venona, grandson of Nokomis, fallen from the Moon. His father left his mother and she died of grief; when Hiawatha discovered it, he decided to take revenge. After three days of fight, father committed that he is immortal and just tried Hiawatha. He gave him the holy amulet - Vampum and ordered to work for the good of Indians. But restless Hiawatha fought gods, priests, beavers. even called for fight the giant fish Mishe-Nama. He rested only after meeting with prophet Deganavida which explained to him that in fact his mission is in integration of tribes.He married the girl of Dakota tribe Minnegaga, and later joined fifty tribes and invented pictogrammas. When he lost his wife, Hiawatha departed on his pirogue to the west to rule the land of sunset with his father.



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