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heart of africa (4 galleries)

A living heart is present in all countries and in all planet. Practically, each slice of the ground is impregnated by history of people who lived on it. Sufferings, pleasures, delight, fun and pain of all living invisibly are present in stones, trees, water and ground. The traditional culture of people of Africa is interesting because of special perception of the world. All African nations with no exception consider that Earth is alive. For us, people of cities, it would be quite good to learn from them. Each nation brings its culture, like jewel to the necklace of the Earth. The knowledge of other cultures and respect for them only enrich the inner world of a person. The African myths about the creation of the world often bring up a thought that we all are children of one god and have grown from the same roots. The African ceremonies and life, though so unusual for us, have the deepest symbolical value, which everyone can find only having grown fond of subject of researches. «Heart of Africa» contains not only graphic, color and black and white, but also paintings which you will find in gallery "Painting".

legends about nilotic people


a touch to roots


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Space forces

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