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maitry descends from the moon on a white lioness

Paper, ink, water color, 1998, 20 х 30 cm

The goddesses of fertility of all world are tight connected with the Moon. Maitry is the collective image of many goddesses, one of them is kenyan goddess living on the Moon. Every year, in the beginning of the rain season, she is descending to the earth riding the white lioness. She comes quietly under the cover of night and where she passes by, everything growns and blooms, people and animals are giving birth to children, the springs start to run from the ground. The goddess must not touch the ground neither with hand nor foot, for she is so powerful that excess of her enrgy could lead to flooding or volcanic eruption. So she rides around the world and go back to the Moon.
In India, at the Kullu valley, there is similar goddess of Khirman-Devi, which also descends on the white lion. Amazing how the ancient wisemen were ahead of modern science which much later has proven that tides are connected with the Moon. The name of Maitry is from sanskrit and means renewing life-giving force. This name symbolize communality of the image for many cultures. She is Isis and Lakshmi and Great Mother of Huron Indian and Tonakosioatl of Aztecs. Eternal, divine feminine origin.



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