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Highest Mountains of the world - Himalayas Tibet

everest. northern wall. winter

Tempera on canvas. 2004. 85 х 120 cm

The northern wall of Everest is cold and inaccessible. Renowned alpinist Reinhold Messner climbed it alone in wintertime with light amunition and without oxygen. Small black and white photo of the Wall from his book became a basis of this painting. And even though every alpinist on Earth is dreaming about Everest, we should remember how the multiple ascents harm the Great Mountain.
The hymn about the Mountain of Mother of the World glorifies the crucial importance of Chomolungma in the moment of saving of the Earth from destruction. "...The Mother of the World pointed: "The Sun, save my mountain, because where else I will stand on guard? ...On the highest mountain shines the Mother of the World. She came out to hit the darkness... She wears the fiery cover and surrounded with wall of fire. She found strength and aspiration."
In this painting, I wanted to underline majesty and purity of the Mountain.



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