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Highest Mountains of the world - Himalayas Tibet

makalu - mount of yellow light

Tempera on canvas. 2000. 70 х 85 cm

Is in collection of the Mykolayiv art museum of named after V.V.Vereschagin

"Cosmic legends of the East" say that Himalayan eight-thousanders have special assignment. The highest peaks of the world have crucial importance as platforms for weaving of energetic network when saving the Earth. There is a chance that in the end of Kali Yuga due to wrong development of consciousness on Earth, the planet overloaded with negative vibrations will die. According to legends, the Mother of the World could save the Earth for prominent future of Satya Yuga. She will take a place at Chomolungma and spread energetic waves across North and South Poles. To help her, seven Mahatmas of Shambhala will stand on other highest peaks and will thread their power and energy to the network protecting the Earth.



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