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Highest Mountains of the world - Himalayas Tibet

kangchenjunga is visible!

Tempera on canvas. 2001. 65 х 82 cm

Is in a collection of the Center-museum of N.K.Roerich in Moscow

The majestic Kangchenjunga is mentioned in many legends. One of them says that the god Kangchenjunga was long ago the ferocious daemon, but the great founder of the religious-philosophic doctrine "bon" Padmasambhava has defeated him. After victory he transferred the daemon into god and advised him to live quietly and to establish many monasteries of "bon".
Kangchenjunga is rarely seen due to thick clouds covering the peaks, so when the wind at least slightly blows off the clouds, throughout all monasteries and villages there are cheerful exclaims: "Kangchenjunga is visible!"



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