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Legends of the Universe

The Map of Shambala

Tempera on canvas. 2005. 75 x 75 cm

The painting is created under L.V.Shaposhnikova's description of the buddhist thanka «The map of a Shambhala» which she saw recovered in Northern India.

Spiral unwrapping following the Sun’s way of motion, symbolizes eternal movement and creative energy of Shambala. There is symbolic image of main Shambala’s tower in the center of the picture, around it there are ‘rocks and caves where the guardian spirits live’, the contrast colours symbolize four elements. Rocks, waterfalls, palaces, crystal columns, Lotus Garden and Cosmos Garden are covered with mountains giving way only to those who are called. The flaming river is surrounding the border; and there is a swastika and a tree with fiery flowers near the passage.

Certainly, this picture essentially differs in technics from Tibetan thankas, but I think that each artist should introduce new things into the world.



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