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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

and then great kintu gave appointments to the tribes

Tempera on canvas. 1999. 115 х 75 cm

Kintu is a greatest person in Eastafrican mythology, in many legends he is alike the supreme sole impersonal deity - Parabrahman. God descended to Earth was a giant, exceeding the imagination; there was empty and incomfortable on Earth, nothing but sea and ground. Then Kintu called his wife (impersonated matter - Meru) from the heaven, she brought plants and animals in magic pot. Then Kintu and Meru together sculpted people from the clay and animated them. Then Kintu gave the appointment to each tribe. People populated whole earth and distributed plants and animals presented to them. Meru - the heavenly wife of Kintu - dissolved in her children, she gave piece of her soul to everybody. Then Kintu retired to heaven residence over the endless ocean. This legend very clearly reminds about sacred knowledge contained in "The Secret Doctrine" by E.P. Blavatskaya.





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