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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

triptych "mother of the world"

Is in collection of Museum named after N.K.Roerich, Moscow

The entity of Mother - creator of the Earth is present in cosmogonic myths on all continents. Often these myths are so similar, it seems that it is possible to find in them real history of mankind encoded in symbols.

joy of new day

Tempera on canvas. 2000. 65 x 45 cm

Women of India bring golden flowers to the Mother, put her image in the water for nothing impure not to touch her. Thought of Great Mother and her love is filling the heart with joy and every new day is started from expressing gratitude to her.

the Giving Ray is living in your heart

Tempera on canvas. 2000. 125 x 105 cm

The subject of this painting is one of the hymns to Mother of the World, which is telling about the moment when all the power of her love woul be required to save the world. Then She will stand on the highest mountain of the world surrounded by flame and the Giving Ray will shine from Her heart, the power of Mother will cover the Earth, our planet will be cleaned and reborn. There are birds - messengers of Gods - on the shoulders of Mother, the edge of the cloth is covered with Lotus - the symbol of connection of the five elements in the primary matter.

namaste sarasvati devi

Tempera on canvas. 2000. 65 x 45 cm

Sarasvati is the name of the holiest river of India, the hidden river, and the name of the secret Goddess, which gives the sacred knowledge to those who is initiated. In India, they often call so the Mother of the World, because her name is unknown and her face is shown only to those who can stand her shine.



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