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Signs of Shambhala

the unearthly gift of uch-sure to mysterious traveller

Tempera on canvas. 1999. 115 х 95 cm

The African legend tells about beautiful city located at the territory of ancient Zimbabwe; and the founder of the city was some "mysterious traveller" which possess Magic Stone and could predict the future with its help. The traveller was "...tall, with dark face, his shoulder covered with cloak of precious cloth..."
I have imagined that the African initiated person after long journey came to the Belukha mountain and there at the waterfall of clear mountain river the Gift of Stone appeared to him. Altayan name of Belukha means Orion - the home of gods, and the Magic Stone - Norbu Rinpoche - falled from Orion; it is depicted symbolically as three rounds or the bowl with fire. The Stone is lying in the Sacred Land on the Rigden Djapo tower; the pieces of stone are travelling the world and its traces are everywhere!



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