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Signs of Shambhala

Old stupa at Rotang passage

Tempera on canvas. 2001. 45 х 48 cm

Is in a collection of Art museum of Gorlovka, Donetsk region, Ukraine

This stupa looking alike the alien spaceship is standing aside the road at Rotang passage for thousand years. From Kulu valley, through Rotang passage and Lahula valley, the road goes to Ladakh. At the ancient times when there was no passage here, the hero of many stories Geser khan often traveled from Ladakh to Kulu. Each time he needed to come around high mountain peaks. Once Geser khan was too much in a hurry and to shorten the way whipped the snow peaks - the mountains spread away and Rotang passage appeared. Often you could see stupas in the places connected with the name of Geser khan and Shambhala. The travellers stop by to stay a while at the holy place or just tie up the prayer flag. The locals believe that Geser khan is one of Mahatmas of Shambhala.



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