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a dream of the flutist

Paper, ink, tempera, 1999, 40 х 55 cm

During my solo exhibition "Roots of life grow in the sky" in a hall "Yakimanka", in Moscow, practically every day concerts, actions and creative meetings take place. In one of the days there was a concert of group "House of cards" playing traditional Irish music. The flutist of the group in a pause of performance described me his dream and asked me to draw it.

In his dream, there was a snow, but it was warm, the flutist flied, widely spread hands towards a wind, above beautiful pink trees. On trees there were large buds and reddish leaves, the form of branches reminded the hands stretched in a greeting. The musician, flying above them and with love touching them, was leaving behind him a transparent trace of the changed energy.

The theme of a dream has really inspired me on the creation of this picture. I often fly in a dream too. And it is absolute truth for me that sensations of Joy and Love changes energy of the world around of the person.



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