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Altai sign of Center of World and of Tree of Life

Paper, ink, tempera, 2002, 40 х 40 cm

This sign is related to Pazyryk culture of Altai (1000 BC). At that ancient time Altai people believed that in the Center of the World, the Tree of Lofe grows - Bay-Terek - holding the Earth, penetrating it with its giant roots. In the body of Tree, the memory of Life from the beginning of time is kept, on the bark of it the history and legends of all nations of the World are inscribed with secret signs.
The Sign means not only the Center of the World and its heart, but also unity of three areas - celestial, terrestrial and divine. Other decoding of the Sign says that it contain knowledge of the ancient people about septenary content of world and human energetics. Four spreading beams are our terrestrial world, half-rounds located at sides of the world symbolize movement of the Sun and Poles of Earth. Three rounds in the center - eternal divine grain of the World.
This sign which could be encountered inscribed on the rocks of Altai, resembles a lot another sign of Himalayas, the symbol of Chintamani, the Treasure of the World.



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