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America which I love


Paper, ink, 2006, 18 х 15 cm

The image depicts larva of the tiger ambistoma, Axolotl and was inspired with short story by Julio Cortasar with same title. I encountered fantastic axolotl in person in 1989 when started to work in Moscow Zoological museum as a laborant assistant. There was enormous collection of dead and alive amphibias. Amazing beauty of axolotl forced me to start every morning watching impressive change of his lazy slowness and lightning shots. His hands with pretty golden nails and precise moves touching the glass, were so human that it seemed that he in reality is our ancestor or our future. "My" axolotl was albino, very handsome, I called him Axel, don't know what he thought of me but seemed like he cheered when I used to place his bowl on the table and drew his portraits. In a year after this, when I already left the museum, I read story by Cortasar and understood that I was in danger of situation similar to the hero of the story. At least, I already had indeed half-narcotic dependence on watching of axolotl. You want to know what it could lead to? Just read the story by Cortasar.




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