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white jaguar

Paper, ink, 2006, 18 х 15 cm

Jaguars and pumas always were respected by the Indians, the white jaguar was the symbol of the sun at many Indian tribes and of king's power at all developed Indian civilizations. One of the rulers of Chichen Itza, the capital of Maya country, had several white jaguars, when hunters happened to notice white jaguar, they used to caught him and brought alive to the king's palace. Afterwards, the jaguars were feed with officials caught stealing. They believed that if the God of the Sun accepted the sacrifice, then the official is forgiven and God would not curse all his family. There were not many officials willing to steal though. Oh, those old good traditions... Indians consider death not like we at all, they have no doubt that would continue to live in the other world. Often it was the honor to be sacrificed to the God. For it was uncertain whether you could gain respect of gods during lifetime, but if you are sacrificed, you immediately arrive to the escort of the God. The symbolyzm of the sacrifices is also interesting, to achieve integrity of the spirit, the person must win over his body, but human is too weak for this, so it is much simpler to let your destiny to the priests. Puma was respected by Incas, their capital Cusco was built in the form of puma. Its head contained temple of Saksauman - "king's house of Sun". The belly was for houses of rich men, and pawns for traders and craftmen. Impressively precise plan of Cusco is even more amazing as they could not see it from above.
In North America, Michibichi was honored, the jaguar living in the water and patronizing fishermen. They also brought sacrifices to him, not human though. They threw dog to the water, if he drowns then the fishing was going to be succesful, if not - go back home. Poor dogs probably did not know that they were supposed to escort the God after he eats their bodies. Many images of jaguar you could encounter at all Indian tribes of the both Americas, for certain it was special animal always taking major place among other deified animals.


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