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i, my neighbor and a broken doll

Paper, ink, pastel, 1993 20 х 30 cm

This is one of my illustrations to the wonderfull book of Julio Cortasar "62. Model for assembly". My neighbor is an unreal person always referred to in all conversations, the one who is the witness and the catalyst of everything - thoughts, life, love... Who told this? My neighbor. Who is he? How?! You do not know him?! Here he is, standing along, invisible,laughing and writing down everything what is happening around. And they used to behave as if the "my neighbor" is more real than anybody who is alive.
In my consciousness, my neighbor looks like Lennon, I was listening to his music everyday at that time. I have japanese hairdress because I had "japanese period" at that time, and the episode with broken doll you better read in the book of Cortasar.



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