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vertsingetorig france and tsvog fearful

Paper, ink, pastel, 1993, 24 х 18 cm

Illustration to the book by Julio Cortasar "62. Model for assembly". The plot in this book is separated by small pieces which the reader could compile according to the meaning or chronology. So I have compiled the picture from the sources.
One of the book heroes, young sculptor, have been ordered to made the statue of Vertsingetorig knight for the city square. He took a block of coal and cut in it hands holding on the shoulders the uncut piece of cubic form. People did not understand the statue. When I drew Vertsingetorig, on tv set there was a movie (maybe Belorussian) about Tsvog, kind of devil. Some beings were serving Tsvog, one of them said that he is "fearful"/ That's true, he wa like on the picture, I just have added legs for dramtic view.


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