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saint sebastian flyte

Paper, ink, 1993, 30 х 20 cm

Illustration to the novel by Evelyn Waugh "Brideshead Revisited".
The idea appeared in result of many associations inspired by this book. Sebastian Flyte, son of english lord, despite cheerful and wealthy adolescence, turned out to be tending more to philosophy than to debauchery. Hi life is far different from life of Saint Sebastian, but some fragile parallels make it close.
On the picture, Flyte sits in his favourite chair wearing large chinese robe and drinks his favorite vine though arrows have hurted him already. Arrows of routine and falsehood which would be inbearable for him.
While his fellows built their careers, he became ordinary servant in the Dominican monastery in Morocco. Not that he had been too much into religion, he just liked energy of that place and simple life there. Sebastian flights over the standard apartment houses symbolysing uprise of creativity over the routine.



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