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Legends about Nilotes

how a cat settled in the kitchen

Paper, ink, 1996, 30 х 40 cm

There lived a cat, small, but very reasonable creature; the reason has prompted it to make friends with the strongest animal, to be in safety. So it approached to the king of animals - to a lion and told: «Let us be friends, your prey is my prey, my hunting is your hunting». The lion, certainly, agreed as the cat was so courageous. They were friends for long and were together all the time, but once when they slept, the elephant stepped on a lion and crushed it. The cat thought: «this animal is stronger than a lion» and made friends with the elephant, but their friendship was absolutely short, the African hunter came and killed the elephant, loaded him on the wheeled cart and carried at home. «Well, how strong is this animal!» the cat decided and ran after the hunter. And the hunter came home where it was waited by the young wife, he gave her the prey and the weapon, and himself went to have a rest. «Well!» - the cat was surprised, - «And how strong is this animal if the one who is stronger than the elephant, gives her the prey!» The woman liked tender purring and soft fur of cats, which it rubbed about her legs and she let the cat live in the house. And so the cat is living nearby women and close to the kitchen.
The composition of a picture is sustained in the plastics inherent to the sculpture of ebony carvers from the tribe Makonde. The pose of the woman symbolizes the force consisting in flexibility and tenderness, the moon - a traditional symbol of the female beginning, balances on her foot toes, helping to keep balance in any stress,and the bow hanging on the other foot means ability to disarm men in the most unexpected ways.



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