pisture pisture pisture


hunting for balloons and flying trolls

Paper, ink, 1990, 40 х 30 cm

It was a dream. There are trolls (fat beings in dresses); each troll all his life is growing air balloon for flights. Unfortunately, when the balloons are ready and trolls are going up to the sky, the air witches are hunting them down andtake away the balloons. Trolls are very innocent beings, they like witches very much; they are giving away the balloons and fall down.
The mosquitos help the wutches, for me they are traditionally negative personages, no wonder as I like to go to the wood very much, where they bite. In fact witches could fly without the balloons, but then they would need to catch the wind all the time...
Interesting how this dream is interconnected with books of Carlos Kastaneda. Everybody who read them should remember how the magician women used wind. When I drew this graphics I have no idea about Carlos Kastaneda; I have first read his books in 1994.


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