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temptation with the fruit

Paper, ink, tempera. 1997.40 х 50

Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the African interpretation. Various allegories always connected the snake with a tree of a life and the first person. These themes could be encountered in legends of all world, but interestingly that snake is always wise and deeply esteemed in them. Ophytes considered, that it is necessary to thank constantly the snake for the invaluable contribution to development of human knowledge and wisdom. For this reason names Snake or Dragon were given to the Wise men, the devoted Adherents. Vessels hanging above the ground, mean the beginning of involution of spirit in a matter, they are opened, and the supreme energy sleeping in them till a time, will begin the distribution as soon as the woman will tear off a fruit. Here the last second of silence, fragile balance of a dream which happens right before the awakening is embodied.



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