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ugoye and akueke are going to a holiday of fresh pumpkin leves

Paper, ink, tempera. 1995.30 х 40 cm

In Africa, at nigerian Igbo tribe, the holiday of fresh pumpkin leaves is celebrated. It represents a ceremony of clarification from sins. Each woman specially grows up a pumpkin to collect leaves for the holiday. The women dressed and brushed for celebration, beautifully paint the bodies with ritual drawings and gather on the village square, everyone with bouquette of pumpkin leaves. During magic dance of shaman they throw leaves under his feet, preliminary having murmured apologies for sins, her own and also of husband and children. After the dance of the shaman, the women of the village run around the square until all leaves will be transformed into a dust. The description of this holiday is taken from the book of nigerian writer Chinua Achebe "Arrow of God"



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