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Legends about Nilotes

young daughter of lentatuka isn't used to drink wine

Paper, ink, 1995, 18 х 20

In tribe Samburu, they prepare excellent beer and alcoholic drink from honey. Мassai are not a great admirers of "green snake" and drink mainly on holidays, but the daughter of the chief has a miserable fortune… She is not allowed to become the girlfriend of a young моran and to live cheerfully with the fellows in manyata. The parents wants marry her to the honored person - the elder, captured a lot of cattle, having many children from temporary girlfriends (children are an essential workforce at Masais), the hero covered by scars from lion's claws. But fifteen years old belle consider all of these advantages as terrible flaws, and 35-years old groom as an old man. So she covers her sadness with unusual wine.

In the title the phrase from the novel of English writer Evelyn Waugh «Brideshead Revisited» is used. The young man from society, actually drinking on a regular basis, once has appeared drunk in public. Next day all newspapers wrote: «the young son of lord isn't got used to wine … ».



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