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Legends about Nilotes

madonna turkana

Paper, ink, 1994, 21 х 14 cm

Tribe Тurkana, one of the most exotic Nilotic tribes - cattlemen, lives in Kenya mainly in area of lake Rudolf. In they way of life there is much in common with Karamojа, Massais Samburus, Pokot and others Nilotes. Certainly, there are also differences. Turkana women must not touch water, except for drink and cooking. For Turkanees, in general there is no tradition of washing, so turkana washes two times in life: first time when is born and for the second when dies. Generally they have a hygiene, just totally different from what we used to. Instead of washing they are rubbing themselves with clay or with dust, depending on what is available. Women of a tribe wear leather or woven apron on which it is possible to read, from what village and what family she is, how many children she has, biys or girls. Men prefer to go naked as the real man has nothing to hide.

Тurkana women are the most gentle mothers, they carry on themselves children up to 3 years of age, and in conditions of the African heat when a column of the thermometer rise above forty degrees Celsius, it is really hard. But on the ground, there are various beings, and Turkana child will know what is dangerous and what is in opposite tasty only by the age of 3, when they in general could defend themselves and even catch something for the lunch. Fashionable Turkana do complex hairdresses equipped with various beads and some amusing accessoir. It should be not handmade and the more it looks strange the more she is proud with it. It could be an objective of the camera lost by someone from tourists, leather tag from jeans or simply a tin from under a tuna with an inscription «Made in Kenya»!



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