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Legends about Nilotes

maybe you want fresh blood?

Paper, ink, 1996, 30 х 20 cm

Masais and Samburu are the cattle breeding tribes with very interesting traditions in every area of life including food. Boys and girls in these tribes are feed differently starting from age of 3 years. Boys receive food with more protein, and they consume fresh blood mixed with milk. Incising jugular vein of goat or cow, they drain required amount of blood, then apply to the wound the juice of herb which stops the blood. Masai's warriors - morans - also drink blood, but the drawing is about another tradition. Customary, woman could propose this ritual drink to her husband... or to somebody else she likes. Adultery is very common and even fostered at Masais. Man comes to the husband of the woman he likes and sticks new spear in the middle of the hut. The husband usually accepts the spear and that mean that his wife is allowed to live temporarily with this man. Masais have saying: "married not in vain as other like my wife".
At the graphics married couple is not looking at each other anymore, man thinks whether the neighbor will like his new spear, and his wife while offering him the drink is calling somebady else with her hand.


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