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Legends about Nilotes

little kadjiado can fly

Paper, ink, 1996, 30 х 20 cm

There was a girl in the African tribe Massai, which dreamed to learn to fly. She wandered, watching the snow peak of majestic Kilimanjaro, for hours holded in hands bird's feathers and smiled very happily. She had no doubt that she will rise in the sky someday. Fellows villager laughed at Kadjiado, parents abandoned her. Despite of her beauty, any warrior-moran did not want her. But all of that was no trouble for her, she only looked in the sky and told that will fly. And indeed, one day inhabitants of the village saw how Каdjiado flew up above village with feathers in hands. They shouted: «Каdjiado! Come back! Learn us to fly too!» She only smiled to them goodbye and, slowly gaining height, simply went to the sky.

Today grandmothers tell a legend about her in the evenings at a family fireplace, so all маssai's children know it.



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