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Magical Indians of Central America

ritimi and tutemi

Paper, ink, 1996, 20 х 30 cm

Illustration to the book "Shobono" by Florinda Donner-Grau about Indians of Yanomami tribe where she lived for about two years.
This tribe is living in the Amazon jungles, it thoroughly avoids contacts with civilization considering reasonably that it would break their way of life sustained for thousand years. Ritimi is a daughter of the chief, she is beloved wife of the strong hunter and one of the most respected women in shobono, the word "shobono" in the local language means village and family. Tutemi is the girl from the neighbor village, second wife - helper. But watching their relations you could say that they are sisters. Magic penetrates all their life, from day of birth to death yanomamies are going through number of ceremonies and initiations. Ritual decorations and body ornaments, usual and festive, also have magical meaning.



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