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Magical Indians of Central America

blow epena into my nose, eteva! I want to be sure that spirits have not touched the white girl

Paper, ink, 1996, 30 х 40 cm

In the book about Indians of Yanomami tribe by F. Donner-Grau "Shobono", there are many funny situations which happened to Florinda during her life among Indians. The name "shobono" reflects the main principle: one village - one family. Everybody is close to each other, even huts are built in such a way that resemble one circular house with many rooms.Each room has its own roof - cone made of banana leaves, but there is no walls separating huts. They live as one big family and solve all problems together. One night their white guest found the decision of the question worried her for long time; it seems so obvious and funny to her that she laughed out loud and woke up all shobono. The chief of the tribe heard homerical laugh and decided to find out immediately whether it is not a tricks of evil spirits. And for connection to the spirits, men of the tribe use vegetal hallucinogenic powder of Epena which is blown up to the nose with the straw.




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