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Magical Indians of Central America

two up-flying worms

Paper, ink, water color, 1994, 40 х 30 cm

In one of the book by Carlos Castaneda his meeting with amazing witch La Catalina is described. She arranged for Carlos true show with transforming into various beings. At the end she transformed him also into something resembling strange worm, adopted same appearance herself and was flying holding him in hands. All that she did to throw out Carlos from the framework of his rigid world; the world not accepting existence of the magic even when it is right in front of him.
You could read more in details about this and similar stories in numerous books by Castaneda and his fellows Donner-Grau and Abelyar.
There was a paired to this artwork called "Guard of the entrance to the other world", unfortunately, there is no even photo left. Hope it will be found and published someday.



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