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Magical Indians of Central America

eat them all

Paper, ink, 1996, 20 х 30 cm

Book by Florinda Donner-Grau "Being-in-Dreaming" describes the process of the teaching the art of dreaming to the woman-dreamer.
At the graphics, Don Juan Matus and Don Jenaro Flores are feeding lunch to their student woman-dreamer Florinda Grau which after two weeks of journey in dream of course is pretty hungry. She swallowed a lot of food and when she tried to eat also dried apricots, Jenaro was so amused that he laughed for half an hour balancing on the one leg of the chair. Of course, such amazing magus as Jenaro, uses even his laugh to teach his student, showing her that it is possible to hold for the objects with developed energetic fibers. And don Juan with kind smile is convincing Florinda to eat this giant bowl of dried apricots too.




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