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Here is The Star of the country of heavenly lights

Tempera on canvas. 2001. 80 х 92 cm

During our journey to Arkaim, together with Valeriy and Elena Anufriev (from Ural branch of the International League for Protection of Culture) we have many times checked energy of our auras with Kirlian methodic. Regardless of the initial state of aura (measured before departure from Yekaterinburg) and despite tiresome journey, on arrival to the valley and after short walk around, everybody's auras become more powerful and straight. And even more interesting is the fact that all of them became very similar, the shine of head and heart was more powerful.
It was possible that there was some magnet in the valley causing those changes. And more likely the ancient town itself was the center normalizing the energetic.
"The star of the country of heavenly lights" is the Pole Star, the main nightly guide for travellers of all times. In Arkaim - the observatory - they probably monitored this most important astronomic object.



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