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Heart of Africa

cosmogony of dogons

Dogons are the African tribe living at the territories of Mali and Burkina Faso. I was interested with their unusual vision of the world and the Cosmogony of Dogons. At first sight, the Dogon's life is simple and it is practically primitive. They live in desert area with the most severe nature. They remember that they were from Sirius and never lose connection with it. Their knowledge of science is amazing. Probably, refusal of external comfort and a life in desert area promotes consciousness of this body and this planet as a temporary house for eternal souls. All mankind in the New epoch should come to space consciousness. But whether we can - civilization buried in purchase and consumption of material benefits - to feel ourselves as the beings of eternal space circulation?


The Great Amma



Ogo has left Sigi-tolo without permission and entered Earth


Mysterious Sigi-tolo containing Po in the shape of Pale fox


Nommo ship entering into happy marriage with Earth

Space forces




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