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Heart of Africa

Оgо has left Sigi-tolo without permission and entered Earth

Tempera on canvas. 2008. 33 х 42 cm

In cosmogony myths of African tribe of dogons, it is told about the confidant of Great Аmma - the Supreme deity of the dogons - which has taken possession of a part of His knowledge and has assumed that he is wiser than Amma itself, and has revolted. Ogo wanted to become the same deity as Amma and shoot out from Sirius to Cosmos to found his own system. He started cosmic flight three times, for the first time Amma turned Oga’s ship into the Earth. For the second time Ogo moved on the ship impelled by the ‘wind canned into Po seeds’. Afterwards Ogo entered the Earth and now exists as the energy inside our planet.



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