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Heart of Africa

Mysterious Sigi-Tolo containing Po in the shape of a Pale fox

Tempera on canvas. 2008. 46 х 38 cm

Dogon’s cosmogony is of great interest for ethnographers and astronomers. Their cosmogony myths are called ‘pale fox’, and are told in the Sigi-so language, known only by those who are initiated. Dogons consider that their ancestors came from Sirius and follow the calendar which corresponds to this star 50 year’s long spinning cycle. Their knowledge in Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry though is expressed in symbols is often ahead of modern science achievements. It is known to Dogons long-ago that Sirius consists of three stars and a satellite planet. The period of Po-Tolo (Sirius B) turn around Sigi-toglo (Sirius A) is 50 terrestrial years. Po-tolo is very heavy that is why it changes Sigi-tolo movement, which follows an irregular curve. Because of this movement scientists have found Po-tolo or Sirius B quite recently. In scientific world there are still disputes about the Sirius C existence called by Dogons Emme-ya-tolo with Nyan-tolo satellite. At the picture you can see the movement of arranged in line all Sirius star system elements which is represented symbolically by the shape of the ‘pale fox’.



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