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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

all in the world is her coverlet

Tempera on canvas. 2008. 70 х 85 cm

In 1999, I have seen two wonderful dreams about Mother of the World. During nine years after this I have been depicting various parts of them in different paintings. The image of Mother of the World is so beautiful and supreme, that person could not express it with painting or word. While I still recall in my eyes every detail of both dreams, I have no hope that I succeed to express with paints even little part of great power and richness of the dream. I am still trying even knowing that my attempt to express something that could not be expressed is naive and imperfect. I am applying all my endless love to the Great Mother to every brush stroke. For our children, which hold the Future in their hands, I am trying to explain LOVE TO THE BEAUTY OF SPIRIT with language of fairy-tail image. In this painting, I tried to express meaning of one of the dreams: All in the world, all material nature is endless cover of the Mother of the World.

In a dream, all was alive and moving, all happened now and here. The Mother looked, shifting the cover momentarily, and started to move upwards and grow very fast... Now I am at the foot of giant mountain and on top of it there shines fiery cover of Mother... Looking thoroughly at the tracery on the edge of Her cloth, I am drawn closer to Her. Again looking closely to the pattern on the cover unfolding in front of me, every line of which become deeper and seems alive, I notice that the cover is Heaven and Earth, birds are flying on it and clouds are floating, winds blowing and mountains shining. Returning back to the foot of mountain, I already know how everything is penetrated with Her energy.

I could see near and far, as if with magic prism bringing closer to me all what I look at. I noticed the pattern vibrating with light at the foot of another mountain, and when I looked at it, I saw two children playing with trefoil similar to clove. I saw chilren, the energy penetrating them, and that the reason of the game was growing sprouts of light-bearing matter...


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