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Legends of the Space


Tempera on canvas. 2000.75 х 75 cm


Is in collection of the Museum named by N.K.Roerich, Moscow.

The secret Shambala is a source of sacred Kalachakra (Time Wheel) doctrine. This is a teaching about harmonious structure of the Universe, unity of macro cosmos and micro cosmos, interaction of everything that is in the space. When in the center of the black square which symbolizes Pralaya (The Universe dream) the white spot-light of Atman appears, the secret and eternal law of Life origin and spreading comes into action. The Time Wheel begins it’s spin as the Ashavatha tree starts to grow its branches down. The spirit inhabits the matter and laws of Universe development start to act, creation spreads into infinity. The Life extension, change of Kalps and Yugs is associated with a spinning colored wheel. In Tibet and India god Kalachakra is represented multiarmed and his arms make the Time Weel arms.




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