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Legends of the Space

silent cover

Tempera on canvas. 1999. 95 х 75 cm


Is in collection of the Museum named by N.K.Roerich, Moscow.

The painting is devoted to Elena Roerich, she has described the funeral ceremony of Atlants named "Silent cover". The body wrapped in cloth impregnated with eucalypt oil was placed on special pedestal. Then the body was covered with inwrought cloth colored according to aura of passed person. Thick layer of flower and petals was spread on top and seven lamps of seven rainbow colors were placed round the cover. In three days the body was burned in fire. Elena Roerich wrote that Atlants knew sequence of body shells separation when person was leaving his material existence. The mankind is at the threshold of the cosmic consciousness, and probably the scientific awareness of life and death would be next step towards it. The Doctrine of Live Ethic has been given to the World through Elena Roerich, and her achievements as a bearer of highest energies is a deed of planetary level.





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