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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

there were no land nor men

Tempera on canvas. 1999. 95 х 80 cm


The myth of North Amirican Indian tribe of Gurons about Mother of the World says: There were no land nor men, only fishes, sea animals and sea birds. All was quiet, then the woman fell from the sky. Two polar loons caught her by their wings but she was too heavy for them so they cried for help. The Sea Turtle heard them and said: "Down the heavenly being on my wide back, she will be safe here". But the Great Mother was not much comfortable on turtle's back so she asked animals to bring her a pinch of ground from the bottom of the sea. Many of them tried to do this but only frog succeeded. The Great Mother made land from the pinch of ground right on the turtle's back, and populated it with plants, animals and people which animated with part of her soul.



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