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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

triptych "the creator"

Is in collection of Museum named after N.K.Roerich, Moscow

The idea of "The Creator" tryptich came up as an author's interpretation of basics of many philosophies and religions.

genesis of life

Tempera on canvas. 2003. 110 х 35 cm

The Energy Ray has touched the planet, and life spreaded, the spirit penetrates the matter creating more and more complicated forms.

the creator

Tempera on canvas. 2003. 110 х 80 cm

The Creator - supreme initial deity, spreading the initial energy from its heart

thread of the master

Tempera on canvas. 2003. 110 х 35 cm

The essence of any religion is the salvation of the soul. The Master is spreading the thread of the doctrine, saving us when the planet demolishes.



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