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Myths of Ancient Slavs

On Berezan island there is The Sunny Birch, its roots grow up and branches down.

Tempera on canvas. 2000. 70 х 55 cm

The energy of the sun stems from the center of the Sun and filling everything on the Earth with life, finds its continuation in plants, animals and people.
Berezan island’s sunny birch reminds the ash tree Igrasil from Scandinavian myths and the tree Ashvatkha, which following Bhagavat Gita also grows its roots up and branches down. The roots depict Supreme Essence – Parabraman, Atman or Prime cause. Fohat filling the Sun’s core is the energy most related to the original in our Solar system. Only the low parts of the branches touch the human genesis, and the goal of every being is to climb up gradually to the top, where the roots are, to the original, to set the tree on fire and to light a spark of sacred flame within.



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