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Sunny rain

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 25 х 20 cm

This painting depicts a peaceful and balanced state of mind and aura required need to master a sense of balance. Having achieved complete mastery of balance, the dancer is supported by energy fibers of space, in turn igniting they by action, involving in movement. Conscious movement harmonizes and nourishes with the sun sparks of creativity and beauty the space around. In every spectator, carried away with the beauty of the music and the movements in the contemplation and empathy of this harmonious action, grows a spark of love to creativity. As a small sun, this spark - the gift of the greatest creator, will affect and develop all possible similar strings of every soul, moving according to the simple law of attraction of alike, when touching will develop light in everything. Sunny rain - conscious gift of beauty and power to multiply the light.

Photo in usual light


Photo in black light


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