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Different Spaces

To see anything in the world, as well as for the perception of works of art, our eyes need light, none of us could yet perceive the image without any light. Currently human vision does not allow us to see the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, the existence of which is proven by science long ago. Also, our eyes have not yet adjusted to see the living, all-pervasive in the world force of life, conventionally called energy.
In my paintings, the image in the fluorescent (black) light is necessary to illustrate clearly and definitely the difference that exists between the physical world and the world of energy. Those fine things which we were able to see, hear, or to portray in the physical world, do not show even part of what is going on in the energy world, and most importantly, the enormous difference existing between the energy world and the dense world.
Application of layers invisible in normal light, that are revealed only with a special light - is my attempt to show the difference between the physical and subtle worlds. Paintings can be viewed in normal light too, but fluorescent and sunlight reveal the difference in the image, creating a sense of transition between worlds, let the viewer to temporarily feel like a researcher in the subtle world. Consciousness, accustomed to the flexibility in such travels, recognizes itself as part of the energy world. A world that with time and the evolution becomes visible and comprehensible to more and more people.
A series of paintings «Different spaces» illustrates my belief that energy penetrates all space around us, being constantly in motion and interactions, constantly changing, regardless of whether we see it or not. For me, painting is a special meditation, first there is an image or dream, a thought or even just a word, in the process of drawing the idea is built, and color and composition come from somewhere.
A self-taught artist, I draw intuitively. When I found out that there were luminous (fluorescent) pigments, I began to experiment and created a new technique, which combines the usual and fluorescent pigments. It allows me to show the infinite variety of the energy world in most extensive way. The results of this work is presented in this gallery as well as in all my further paintings.


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