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Different Spaces

Someone's Footprint on the Universe's Face

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2011. 70 х 70 cm

The face of the universe (the veil of the Mother of the World, the material nature) is permeated with the energy interacting with all objects and organisms, which simultaneously have a personality and are all connected with that energy, being a part of it. Someone is moving on the face of the universe, leaving its footprint. Imagine a chemical reaction when the brought material changes completely original structure of the host material. The same thing happens with the surrounding us energy when we simply live and move and think. Just walking down the street, each one of us leaves a trail in the energy structure. Depending on our thoughts, feelings, experiences, internal harmony and a variety of other parameters, our trail can harmonize or destroy energy. Destruction leads to the death of whole areas of energy around us that continuously strive to restore, the resulting voids pull energy from objects like vacuum. Harmonious objects everywhere bring a harmony, when contacting with the energy blanket of the planet in any place and in all directions, they change and enliven it. The painting depicts a trace of such a harmonious personality, bringing its own structure and changing the degree of energy intensity, this trail is a creative impulse being transformed by matter in a particular evolutionary effect.

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Photo in black light



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