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Different Spaces

Different Spaces. White

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2012. 50 х 90 cm

Usual electric light
Dawn, the last echoes of darkness are painted in different colors, resisting the furious onslaught of white light. From this beautiful daily struggle, new combinations are born; the movement of life does not stop for a moment. Like an endless turns of spiral, activity succeeds the rest, raising and complicating the creation, before diving into a new period of sleep. White color - a symbol of strength and power of the original spiritual light - fohat - ray of teacher Moria.
On the first line of defense against the darkness, stand the soldiers of the blue ray of upbringing and education of Kut Humi, the most persistent and patient Souls who have behind them hundreds of incarnations as teachers and educators who truly love life, children and progress, bright angels!
The green color symbolizes the green beam, Venetian. Souls, going by way of joy and light, the holders of balancing energy. The charm and tact, adequacy and intuition, allow these souls for centuries to be incarnated as the closest aides of Teachers of Light. Through them the light of the Single, absolute and unbearable for the majority, transfers the most important information for distribution at the level of common person. Green rays of spatial energy convey the spark of white light into all layers of energy fields from the lowest to the highest. Due to the unique tact of its energy, green ray souls are attracted to all the other colors of the rainbow, balance any combination of colors. They form the most progressive combination with blue rays, supporting the most adequate form of transmission of information to the level of education and upbringing. Souls of green beam are born and live in joy, bringing along everywhere harmony based on their absolute trust to Master. They are co-workers - brave, at the first turn of the fight against darkness, restrained and tactful in dealing with the developed consciousness.
In support to objectives of white beam, the energetic fibers of red ray of love are attracted, the ray of Jesus and his teaching. True ahimsa – is necessary for provision of the least harm and loving preservation of all whose soul gives at least some hope. Before burning the darkness completely, which constitutes powerful attack of white energy beam.
Yellow sparks - symbols of creativity and divine gift. Yellow lines and fiber - symbolize the harmony of the highest order, Serapis. Soul embodied in the yellow beam - a fierce and fiery in the struggle for the introduction of a new and progressive. Having struck the darkness, yellow rays quietly return to their usual creative work - connection of energy matter fibers in a harmonious, continuous fabric of the world. Souls born in a yellow beam, geniuses and rare in our time, will be born more and more with the onset of the next era of Satya Yuga.
Symbol of Pralaya - a dream of universe, black color - an ancient symbol of energy in the merged state. Black rays - a manifestation of the primary state of matter. Natural and energetic black during the break in the manifested world is the result of collapsing connections and dying fibers tending to merge into the primary substance. This is a natural process, which only danger is that excessive overflow of the manifested world with the energy clots of primary matter accelerates the need to approach the period of pralaya. In addition to global periods of Pralaya (sleep of Universe) there are periods of pralaya during the change of certain energy periods. As well as periods of sleep and processing at all levels of the manifested and non-manifested world from the elementary to the highest.
Both usual and black light
Kindest rays of orange color, fully reflect the sunny nature and love of the Master Hilarion. Energetically, orange fibers fulfill the task of transformation of the events and phenomena of the subtle world in acceptable to perception of our brain interpretations. Pictures and sounds from the subtle world, recognized by people with fine sensitivity - are translation of energetic information to the language accessible to the perception of the brain of modern man. Born in the orange ray are clairvoyants, mediums or mathematics. No wonder - because our universe is not chaotic and subject to precise laws, therefore, to study its aspects, person must have a mathematically developed mind. Many incarnations in mathematical calculations, carefully and patiently prepare the consciousness is to advent of inhumanly difficult gift of clairvoyance.
Violet rays - durability and solidity of traditions, religious and loyalty to the faith of ancestors, a profound knowledge of nature and of symbolism of rites and mysteries. Saint-Germain - Alchemy of the Spirit. At the top of the violet ray are born geniuses and leaders of humanity, having a special depth of internal analysis, sufficient to contact with the treasures of past lives, stored in the heart chakra. The purity of the color of violet ray energy shows the level of containment and acceptance, directly dependent on the experience gained in the incarnations, dedicated to studying the mysteries of the universe.
Photo in black light
The darkest color in this photo - adjust the screen more precisely and look - indigo! Indigo - eight primary color energy fibers - color of thin cosmic energy of the higher worlds. The energy of the higher worlds, which passed the full path of development and returns in the form of the catalyst, similar to how lightning is necessary for ozone birth. The mass infusion of indigo energy, takes place during the evolutionary transition from the old world to the new. The closer to the destruction is the area of the old world, the more it shows intolerance to the holders of power of indigo and to all areas that relate to indigo fibers. The power of cosmic electricity in the rays of indigo color is unbearable for the darkness, so the true carriers of indigo energy have no fear at all. Melting the primary matter and creating from it new fibers of all colors of the rainbow, indigo people are involved in the creation of the New World.
Sky blue energy that shines brightly on this photo - a symbol of unbending force of progress. Nascent by the merger of two higher rays of white and blue – is the color of the New World energy. The power and strength of this light beam improves space at all levels, it occurs in the places that are the repositories of the highest achievements and magnets of the new creativity.

Photo in usual light



Photo in usual and black light



Photo in black light



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