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Triptych Reasonability. Pereslavl gardens

Reasonability. Pereslavl gardens

80x60 cm Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016
Central part of triptych

This artwork is about energetic reasonability. Neglect, waste of valuable force, disregard of elusive opportunities and resources leads to the distancing of spiritual achievements. And how much of creative force has been lost in vain due to neglect and lack of sensibility! The scene of useless, great fruit-bearing apple trees in an old abandoned garden in Pereslavl, provoked an association with undetected, and therefore lost forever the gifts of the spirit. This painting says that you need to go through life with a special sensitivity and attention in order not to miss the generous gifts of the spirit, scattered everywhere. This magical garden tells us: look closely, listen carefully, do not waste the gifts of high energy.

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Promises of proportionality

40x30 cm Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016
Left part of triptych

This painting shows symbolically how look from an energy point of view the rich promises of proportionality of applied forces to the obtained results. Usually at the beginning of each of the progressive action, which is important from the point of view of evolution, the acting person receives promises of the proportionality of energy he spend to positive effect expected as a result. This is necessary to give energetic and lively character to the whole action. For me, the best symbol of the promise of proportionality is the apple orchard right after the bloom. Many small apples symbolize hopes for the fruitfulness of the action started. No matter if proportionality is achieved as a result - its promise in the beginning is magnificent energy pulse by itself and is often sufficient to disperse all the darkness of doubts and remove last obstacles to the action.

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Lost Opportunities

40x30 cm Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016
Right part of triptych

This painting using the metaphor of an apple orchard shows which energy properties have lost opportunities. Just as economically impractical is loss of the whole harvest of apples not gathered in time, inexpedient are lost opportunities of growth, development and acquisition of new skills, caused by the lack of attention to the gifts of the humanity leaders. Neglect to the efforts and energy applied, at all levels of display, leads to the destruction of whole bunch of inter-related events, making it difficult to progress towards a better world. The difficulty of movement when gifts of possibilities are lost is symbolically shown with piles of apples obstructing the path and not letting go unless you remove them or learn how to walk on the apples. This world is arranged in such a way that regardless resistance of the Matter, sooner or later it will still reach each of the stages of development and will gradually become more and more perfect, that is why even lost opportunities are painted with so bright and clean colors. However, the more people learn to carefully handle the gifts of progress, the more developed inclusiveness and acceptance will be, the better people learn to feel the attraction of the light and to follow it - the easier and more joyful will be the way of the Earth's evolution.

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