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New World

Gates of the Sun are open. Maslenitsa

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2015. 80 х 60 cm

Gates of the Sun are open - it symbolizes the opening of the forces that were not available before, turn to a revival at all levels. Turn of the year to the spring after the winter solstice, when the day begins to increase and the Earth gets more and more sunlight. Turn of life and personal development of the person to saturation of knowledge and spiritual growth. The opening of the gates of consciousness, when the whole story of life and of enrichment of the human mind, allows to turn the mental energy into a constructive channel creating the beauty. Gate of the Sun are open and new, subtle and superior energy is flowing through them freely, with gradually expanding stream. Every seeker could take as much from this endless stream as he is able to accept. This energy process of completeness, of increasing of all the solar, of filling all the voids and shadows with light, of realization of all what had no proper condition before or just had lack of energy; in terms of a ritual and the symbolic language this energy process is very similar to Maslenitsa (carnival).

Photo in usual light

Sun Gates


Photo in black light

Sun Gates


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