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Tree of sunset

Tempera and fluorescent pigments on canvas. 2016. 24 х 18 cm

"Tree of Sunset" is filled with the solar energy of the setting sun in conjunction with the energy of lunar growth. The symbolic significance of the tree symbol, as such, in all cultures, means growth, development and perpetual renewal, a similar importance is the symbol of the rising moon. Each layer in this painting was drawn on for 30-40 minutes, at sunset time in two weeks, from new moon to full moon, for the amplification of conscious energy of artwork as an object containing a mental move to growth and development. Also the Tree of Sunset has been created in astronomically special days for the place where the it happened. Those days, in the beginning of January, you can observe at the same time the constellation Orion, the star Sirius and the moon, almost immediately after sunset. Not far from the place where the painting has been created, is the goddess Hathor temple in Dandara, right in those days the cosmic battery of the temple of Hathor switches on to generate positive energy of growth and creativity by passing over the temple and getting up in the special position constellations of the Big Dipper and Orion, and Sirius, Sun and Moon. It should be noted that the cosmological and energetical value of this temple has not diminished with time, a good level of preservation, the fact that the most esoterically important rooms of the temple were not destroyed, allows to keep its power in full force. The painting was completed after visit to the temple of Hathor in Dandara, at sunset, for conscious saturation of the picture with all the energies of growth and development, combined with a good and balanced energy of the setting sun. Colors and shapes in this tree symbolize the process of accumulation of all kinds of energies in harmonious interaction force by conscious creation.

Photo in usual light

Sunset tree


Photo in black light

Sunset tree


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